When my husband got word that he was accepted for a position with the military, I got online and began the search for a realtor in our general area.

 I knew I wanted a woman to sell our home and since I knew no one in the area who was a realtor, I was going by looks alone. I picked Cindy…she had a great smile and red hair…I just knew she was the one. I called her up and now here I am writing this. I did not go wrong in choosing Cindy Steagall with Cherokee Real Estate. She was always a professional, but fun and personable too, which made this endeavor so easy on us.

Our house was on the market for two and half months and we had quite a few people come look at our home with a lot of interest. We were living out in the country and I thought our little 5 acre farmstead would be a very hard sell. We were both surprised and ecstatic about getting TWO offers to choose from! Our house is now sold and Cindy has become our friend. What an excellent realtor she is! I want to recommend her for any of your buying or selling of real estate. She knows the ropes and does an outstanding job. We are now on our way to Germany to live without any worry of trying to sell a house from overseas. Who knew that when I was looking for a realtor that I would get a friend in the end? Thank you Cindy -- you are the best!

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