As I prepare to move from southern California to Jacksonville Texas, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tireless effort and assistance.

As you know, I began working with an agent from another office as I searched for the perfect property. Their slow and frequent lack of response to my questions prompted me to quickly seek a true professional's help. It was only after hours of internet searches that I ran into Cherokee Real Estate, and your name. It was a blessing as you have been far more than just the professional agent I searched for.

From the first day, or should I say hour, you were responding to my questions and thoughts, and not only gave me the information I wanted, but valuable answers to questions I hadn’t thought of. When I asked about a few properties I found online, you responded by giving me the additional information I wanted, and other properties to compare as well. When the day came that I arrived at your office, I was happy to see that you were very organized and prepared for a long day of looking at various offerings. As the day went on, we talked about everything from real estate to swapping stories about our families.

I didn’t expect such a fun day. Then suddenly there it was, the perfect property. I knew the moment we drove up that this was it. You were patient, explained the features of the house, shop, and systems, and then we walked the pastures. After about 30 minutes of walking, I was thinking about dialing 911, but you kept me going and we made it back to the house. The offer process was smooth, the home inspection was professional and informative, and you have literally been hands on the entire time. Because I live in California and can’t be there for some of the outlying issues that need to be handled, I knew I could count on your advice and assistance for anything that came up.

The mark of a true professional is someone you can turn to and trust when help is needed. For anyone reading this as they look for an agent to handle their real estate needs, look no farther than Cindy Steagall of Homeland Real Estate. You will not find a better agent, a harder worker, or a nicer person. Stop searching and call Cindy. You will be happy you did.

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